*Commission by Opera Philadelphia
                    Libretto by Bridgette Wimberly
                    Music by Daniel Schnyder
                    Directed by Ron Daniels

               (Radio broadcast of opera):


               *Hackney Empire/English Royal Opera/London
June 9-17, 2017 Hackney Empire, London, England

              *Lyric Opera of Chicago
                               March 24-26, 2017
                               The Harris Theater, Chicago, Illinois

              *Madison Opera
                               February 10, 12, 2017
                               Capital Theatre, Madison, Wisconsin

              *Apollo Theatre (in collaboration with Opera Philadelphia)
                                April 1-3, 2016
                                New York, New York
              *Opera Philadelphia, World Premiere
                                 June 5-14, 2015
                                Perlman Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

              *Dance Theatre of Harlem

                                 Directed by Endalyn Taylor

                                 February 2012-

                                 Wrote story/dialogue for ballet celebrating

                                 4 African American composers and choreographers                                                         Performed at various high school theatres in New York

        MODERN ROMANCE                     
                *Ensemble Studio Theatre/Going to the River, World Premier
                                  Program of short plays by playwrights of color
                                  September 14-October 2, 2011
                                  Directed by Chuck Patterson
                                  New York, New York

                *Pregones Theater
                                  July 14, 2013 with Lincoln Medical Center and various artists
                                  Directed by Elise Hernandez
                *Karamu Theatre, World Premiere
                                  October 28-November 29, 2010. 
                                  Directed by Terrence Spivey
                                  Cleveland, Ohio
                                  Originated program, edited and wrote scene transitions                                                bridging 11 short plays by breast cancer survivors.
                *Cherry Lane Theatre
                                  2009, 2011, and 2012 (Various artists and directors including                                        Ruben Santiago- Hudson, Leah C. Gardiner, Billie Allen,                                                 George Faison, Ruby Dee, Chuck Cooper, and Lynn Whitfield


                *Ensemble Studio Theatre/Going to the River, World Premier
                                    Program of short plays by playwrights of color
                                    September 9-27, 2009
                                    Directed by Clinton Turner Davis
                                    New York, New York
                *Castillo Theatre, transfer
                                    October 8-November 1, 2009
                                    Directed by Clinton Turner Davis

                                    New York, New York


Commissioned by the Ensemble Studio Theatre/Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
               *Kuntu Repertory Theatre
                                     May 17-June 2, 2007,     
                                     Directed by Woodie King, Jr.
                                     Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
                                     Healthy Black Family Award from University of Pittsburgh’s                                        School of Public Health


               *59 E 59 Theatres

                                      (Adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s play with Anna                                                                     Guttormsgaard  (translator/ adaptor)
                                      August 4 –September 9, 2006
                                      Directed by Timothy Douglas
                                      New York, New York


Commissioned by The Cleveland Play House         
               *The Cleveland Play House, World Premier
                                    Directed by Seth Gordon
                                    Oct 21-Nov. 16, 2003

                                    Cleveland, Ohio
                                    Proclamation from City of Cleveland 
              *The Cleveland Playhouse, commissioned reading February                                                              24 &25, 2002 Directed by Seth Gordon with Viola Davis

                                    Cleveland, Ohio

              *The Cleveland Play House and Karamu Theatres,   

                                     May 8, 2006

,                                    In honor of the 90th Anniversary of two Cleveland theatres                                         Directed by Terrance Spivey, starring Ruby Dee and Bill Cobs

                                     Cleveland, Ohio
              *The Alliance Theatre,

                                     February-March, 2003,

                                     Directed by Billie Allen

                                     Starring Ruby Dee and Roger Robinson

                                     Atlanta, Georgia 
              *The Saint Louis Black Repertory Company,

                                     February-March 2003

                                     Directed by Ron Himes

                                     Saint Louis, Missouri
              *The Cherry Lane Theatre,

                                     July 12-September 2, 2001,

                                     Directed by Billie Allen,

                                     Starring Ruby Dee

                                     New York, New York
             *The Woman's Project and Productions

                                     April 4 -29, 2001 World Premiere 

                                     Directed by Billie Allen

                                     Starring Ruby Dee

                                     New York, New York
             *The Cherry Lane Alternative

                                     The Kaufman Theatre

                                     October 12-16, 1999

                                     Directed by Israel Hicks 

                                     Mentored by Wendy Wasserstein

                                     New York,  New York


Bridgette  A Wimberly